Why Create The Tango Lesson Club?

This is a members site for training in Argentine Tango.

The Tango Lesson Club logoIn 2001 I was trying to find my way through tango and I couldn’t find any real help on the internet. It is time to have a site that takes you from beginner to advanced in a nice flow, both circular and linear. A site for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners…

Stay tuned… I am in a huge learning curve at the moment!

Back in 2001 I started studying Argentine Tango.  I remember searching the Internet for instruction and there was hardly anything and I vowed then that when I learned the dance, I would make tango available on the Internet.

So in 2005 when I started teaching weekly group classes in Tucson, I started videoing summaries and ultimately posted a hundreds of lessons on my web site Learn-To-Tango. Very quickly the lessons and summaries swelled out of control.  I could never get a navigation system that would flow and was searchable for dancers to grow from beginner to advanced using the web site.

In addition, I was never quite pleased with the summaries alone as competent instrument for learning tango.  I made several attempts to remodel the web site and shoot more lessons, but still the idea never quite jelled into something that would actually work.

Now, literally thousands of hours later with 7 years of videoing and posting lessons under my belt, it is 2012 where technology, experience and intellect have finally coalesced into an idea I am sure will work. Utilizing almost 11 years of dancing and 7 years of teaching experience finally I see a way to present tango in a clear package from steps to connection. My plan is a full service tango learning system that consists of everything you need to learn tango and it goes like this:

  1.   The tango technique and body structure – complete with exercises to back up and help you train your body to be responsive to techniques and dancing skills
  2. Connection and partnering tips and tricks complete for any two people to learn to move in tango
  3.  The mandatory steps you need to enter the tango genre – famous sequences and patterns to inspire your learning regimen
  4.  Tips, tricks and lessons on discovering your own steps and sequences in tango
  5.  Music and musicality lessons to give you an intimate connection to the musical structure flow and phrasing
  6.  FINALLY: The tango matrix which is a plotted grid of obstacles that will give your mind and body a geographic layout of the tango landscape

All of these items together are enough to guide you from beginner to advanced dancer and all you have to do is become a member.  Sign up now and get your introductory lessons free of charge!

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