The Pilot and The Navigator

Pilot and Navigator in Your Own Body

Pilot and Navigator in Your Own Body

Who is the pilot? Who is the navigator?

car & driver – engineer & train – coach & team – manager & factory – choreographer & dancer – cart & horse – conductor & orchestra – Simon & Garfunkel

I use metaphors like these to amplify the fact that there are two scripts running in your own body while you are dancing or training to dance. 1) Is navigating and making spatial decisions 2) is running the motor functions of the body.

What is required is harmony! Just like Simon and Garfunkel one cannot be in harmony without the other. That is the simplicity of harmony, if one is off both are off.

Movements fail when the wrong part of the system is trying to manage a job that it is not in charge of i.e. when the body tries to reason or when the mind tries to walk.

It takes 2! Or was that 4?

pilot and navigator

pilot and navigator

If it takes harmony over both my mind and my body then I need to train both and so does my partner. The training ideas and suggestion I make are all designed to help the instructor help the dancer. This concept works literally, metaphorically and figuratively. In you there is both a dancer and an instructor. Both need advice and training. The exercises herein are directed at both halves.

The good news is that both the man and woman have equal parts in tango, so there is no reason to segregate the two roles in training or dancing tango.

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