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Structure is everything in tango!

As you move in tango your momentum and your partner’s momentum – or lack there of – creates a need for a specific body structure type that is dynamic and changing from moment to moment. There is no “one way” to move on the planet and there is no “one way” to move in tango. Dynamism affects everything in motion. Tango is in motion. So when you are dancing tango you are your body is changing from moment to moment. So many changes it is impossible to manage with your thinking brain. Your only hope is to train and practice into the states that you need so you do not have to think your tango, and are allowed to dance your tango.

Tango is moving. It is not static. Tango is a dance and all dances look best when the dancer uses only as much muscle as is needed.

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Bob Fosse a famous choreographer used to say, “Show me the movement, not the work behind it!” That is what good dancing is made of, movement that looks effortless.

Too much muscle and you lose the effortless quality we love in all good dancing.

One moment you need to support your partner and the next your partner is supporting you. One moment the two of you are independent and freely moving and the next you need to move together with full awareness of where each other is and what you are doing.

In tango structure is everything!

Tango is dynamic!

There is a dynamic to this flow. I created a game called Touch and Go in which each partner becomes clearly aware of where the other is and exactly when the body begins to move verses when the foot begins to move. No one plays Touch and Go and comes out unaffected not even advanced dancers. Touch and Go is like getting a high-speed connection added to your partnership radar device!

Tango Body Structure is Constantly Changing

Tango Body Structure is Constantly Changing


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Structure in Tango Is Everything

Structure in Tango Is Everything

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