Ironically Speaking

ironically speaking

ironically speaking

It is ironic that when a student comes to me for their firs tango lesson and I use our method, they think it is cool, they move through the obstacles and immediately get the concept. They are actually nonplussed and when I tell them no one else teaches this way they are not surprised but they are intrigued.

It humorously reminds me of the attitudes my kids had when I parented them different than my parents parented me. They were totally unimpressed. “So?” They would say when I pointed out how rough I had it compared to them. If I chose to highlight some point of parenting I had refined that my father never even considered – you know something radical like not beating them, they would simply say: “That is the way it should be!”

That is the way teaching tango using our method is with new students. They are learning tango faster than I did, but they have no idea how fast for a while. They have no concept of the struggles the rest of us went through and it is a real yawner! I find this funny and remarkable… and I find it to be….

Just as it should be!”

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