TED Talk – Validates my Tango Theory

Besides thousands of hours of practice, what I have now verses that i didn’t have when I started tango, is a theory. Is an understanding of the basic principles at their simplest level. That is why I built this site. Tango the dance is not as complex as most people think it is. There are complexities that require practice, but over all it is made of the following:

  • Steps: Side, Forward and Back
  • Elegance: Long steps with Fluid movements
  • Musicality: Changes in tempo and timing
  • Pivots: Different ways of pivoting for specific results.
  • Turns and Rotations: A bi-pedal method of making turns
  • Partnership and Connection

Check out this video, it is very inspiring.

You will notice that Tim Ferris, the man in the video, figure out early that what was holding him back was fear. He identified that his fear of partner dancing was “her perceived thoughts about what he was doing” this is very common indeed. It was my fear and I see this fear holding back many men in their learning process.

There is no reason to fear tango or the woman in your arms. But knowing that will not make the fear go away. Only facing the fear and replacing it with information will make the fear go away.

My Theory

I have danced with literally hundreds of professional women from all over the world including Buenos Aires. There are common attributes in all of these women. I have studied with great world champions and world class dancers from all over the world including Buenos Aires. There are common attributes in all of these men. It is these attributes inside the choreography that I focus on. Not a bunch of mumbojumbo jargon abut the possibilities or the rights and wrongs. I teach simple physics and how to move. Then when it is time to go dancing we talk community, culture, politics, evolution and psychology. In the training we are not worried about these things, we are busy studying the music, common sense navigation, the mechanics, the elegance and the connection.

Tango is thought of as magical only by untrained dancers. A new tango dancers gets a dance with a more experienced dancer and suddenly thinks it is magic how they can do all of these things. AVOID this thinking. It can seem like a magical experience when two people move together in tango, but in truth it is simply training.

Untrained dancers are renowned for wanting to keep the magic, but the cost at keeping the magic ethereal or spontaneous is to not be able to create the magic on demand. Creating the magic on demand is simply training your brain and your body to know what is happening at all times.

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