Change Your Tango


Rusty Cline and Joanne Canalli in San Francisco

Tango becomes so much more fun when you get to learn your own steps! Of course you will have to learn some fundamental steps in order to move in teh genre of tango. However, I am watching tango learners find their way by doing what their […]

Cross System 101

Cross System in tango

Cross System walking as lefts and rights swing together.

Cross System in Salon – Practice Frame and in Milonguero

Cross system is when we walk same footed – left swings with left and right with right – as opposed to common walking which is parallel and a right and left swing together. Cross system […]

Basic Tango Milonguero Workshop Summary

Basic Tango Milonguero

Basic Tango Milonguero

Tango Milonguero is different that salon in a very basic sense that in milonguero the connection resides more in the chest to chest contact than in the touching of the arms. In Tango Salon the arms it the connection point and the chest is not where the information is conveyed. This […]

01 Start Here – Connected Walking Visualization

Visualize Connected Success

Visualize Connected Success

There are some commonly known tests on visualizations that go like this: A group of basketball players scored their free throw scores by averaging a 100 throws. Then they broke into smaller groups.

Group 1 did not practice. Group 2 practiced every day for ten minutes. Group 3 visualized making baskets […]

03 The Tango Walk


Inside and Outside Partner Walking

In open and close position Forward and backward walking techniques Foot positions and techniques Proximity of partners feet Scissor structure

The Tango Walk – Inside and Outside Partner

Expand the presentation window clicking the “all arrows” button with your mouse. You can navigate frame to frame […]

Left Rock Turn

left turn arrow

Step Impulse Exercises

Impulses In Argentine Tango

Impulses In Argentine Tango

Impulses are hidden within the mechanism of the lead. It is as organic as walking, so you must train it to make it a conscious behavior.

Unconscious competence is not your goal. But rather reflective competence is your goal. To be able to move and know the end result for […]

Musicality and Phrasing – Flowing on 1 and 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Flow Through 1 & 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Learning the phrasing of tango is very important to becoming a proficient dancer. The beautiful tango music is flowing and ebbing all through the song. But why? When? Where does it change?

This lesson is designed to make you understand that the violins […]