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Visualize Connected Success

Visualize Connected Success

There are some commonly known tests on visualizations that go like this:
A group of basketball players scored their free throw scores by averaging a 100 throws. Then they broke into smaller groups.

Group 1 did not practice.
Group 2 practiced every day for ten minutes.
Group 3 visualized making baskets for 5 minutes and practiced for 5 minutes.
Group 4 visualized making shots for ten minutes each day.

They did this for a month. All groups came in for re-scoring.
Group 1 – no improvement
Group 2 – Improved by 18%
Group 3 – Improved by 24%
Group 4 – Improved by 10%

It is a proven fact that seeing yourself improving and doing what you need to do to improve will help you learn. The following video is made for that purpose. Get a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, get comfortable. Semi close your eyes and picture self in the video as it is described.

We use this technique for dancers of all leveles with marked success.

Narration in the video:

Picture yourself preparing to dance with your partner. See yourself standing in their arms. Your senses are heightened. You can feel your partner’s breath smoothly flowing in and out. You both take a deep breath in. Exhale as all tension melts away. Your body becomes strong and relaxed. As you relax into each other you can feel each point of body contact within the embrace. Your hands are comfortably clasped, your arms are hugging with a supple and gentle strength.

The music begins to play. You feel the music and your partner’s body begins to respond. There is the gentle sway of the cadencia, moving side to side. You are changing weight together, completely, effortlessly, side to side, foot to foot, axis to axis. You feel a slight downward settling preparing the first step. You feel the response of your partner’s leg as it begins to swing and yours swings perfectly in time with your partner directly toward the line of dance. You feel the push of your partner’s leg and yours joins in the chorus of mirrored movements.

The follower’s legs are reaching back directly behind the spine, the leader is following the swing of the follower’s leg, as his leg swings underneath his partner. Then a mutual and harmonious push in the same direction. Together there is a floating from one foot to the other as the connected bodies move like twins completely connected and in harmony in a flowing motion from one step to the next flowing like ripple free water.

There is fluid motion down and connected to the floor and to one another. Moving in harmony and rhythm to the music, extending the leg fully on each swing. Walking now to the fat beat of the music about a second apart, moving in time to the music like the ticks of a clock, two hearts beating, breathing unison, moving together as one. Unified and independent all at the same time. Flowing from step to step in perfect harmony.

In this flow you can feel every joint of your partner’s body as it prepares and moves from step to step. Flowing from stride to stride. You can feel the telemetry and projection of each passing moment as your bodies move in unison and perfect symmetry.

You are pulled into the current of the song like a boat floating on a river. Together you are feeling every movement in each other’s bodies you as though you are one person. Both in full surrender to the music and to one another. Your sense of each other is clear and vibrant as though a radar screen were televising all of your movements. The unification of your mutual bodies is clear and effervescent like four legs under one torso.

The mutual movements are like a moving poem that you are writing together in a friction-less collaboration that flows from the first step to the last. You complete the song as you started, together in harmony and surrender.

embrace visualizations
Allow yourself to actually see yourself dancing like this. See you body in the role you play. Take a positive note and SEE yourself moving with your partner as the narrative describes. Close your eye. Listen. Then play again and watch. See yourself in the roles as they are being described.

Allow and let go.

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