Why Create The Tango Lesson Club?

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This is a members site for training in Argentine Tango.

In 2001 I was trying to find my way through tango and I couldn’t find any real help on the internet. It is time to have a site that takes you from beginner to advanced in a nice flow, both circular and linear. A site […]

Ironically Speaking

ironically speaking

ironically speaking

It is ironic that when a student comes to me for their firs tango lesson and I use our method, they think it is cool, they move through the obstacles and immediately get the concept. They are actually nonplussed and when I tell them no one else teaches this way they […]

Change Your Tango


Rusty Cline and Joanne Canalli in San Francisco

Tango becomes so much more fun when you get to learn your own steps! Of course you will have to learn some fundamental steps in order to move in teh genre of tango. However, I am watching tango learners find their way by doing what their […]

Thoughts -VS- Muscles


Thoughts and Muscles

I do believe we will find more truth in the phrase “muscle memory” as time goes by. I recently read that using MRI technology they have found neurons exactly like the ones in our brain in an area between the inner and outer walls of the stomach. The best guesses are […]

The Pilot and The Navigator

Whose driving this ship?

Pilot and Navigator in Your Own Body

Who is the pilot? Who is the navigator?

car & driver – engineer & train – coach & team – manager & factory – choreographer & dancer – cart & horse – conductor & orchestra – Simon & Garfunkel

I use metaphors like these to amplify […]

Who’s Leading Anyway?


The Notion of Leading and Following

Invitation Only Lead — Assisted Lead — Louder for the Hard of Hearing

Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance. ~Mr. Miyagi, The Next Karate Kid, 1994

Three Types of Leaders

Most certainly not the only 3! Invitation Only Lead I will invite you to my party. I will […]

Reflective Consciousness

Structural Comparisons

“College is a place where the professors lecture notes go straight to the students lecture notes without passing through the brains of either.” ~Mark Twain~

Rusty in BA 2005

Our teaching methods are no accident. Methods of instruction are as important as the instruction itself, and of course in the final analysis the […]


Structure in Tango Is Everything

Structure is everything in tango!

As you move in tango your momentum and your partner’s momentum – or lack there of – creates a need for a specific body structure type that is dynamic and changing from moment to moment. There is no “one way” to move on the planet and there is […]

How to use The Tango Lesson Club


Find a partner in local classes

You will learn tango here. This site will not replace the need for tango lessons. The perfect place for you to meet tango dancers of your level is a local group class. You will need coaching and you will need to dance with several partners in order to grow […]