Every thing you wanted to know about sacadas but couldn’t even figure out the question to ask

Remember this web site is a work in progress. This section will be completely sacadas from the beginning to the (end? is there an end?) advanced dancers dream.


Syncopated Ochos and Sacadas

sacada graph


When is a sacada a sacada? A sacada is when the entering foot crosses the center line of your partner’s feet toward the trailing foot. Dancing in your partner’s wake or slip stream. A sacada happens BEHIND your partner!

Here is a demo of what you can dance using this lesson and below […]

Volcada from a stolen Cruzada

volcada in tango

Volcada is a shared axis move. You must trust your partner. The Volcada is to lean into one also called apile which means to pile onto! Volcada means to tip over or capsize. When we do a volcada we lean into one another enough that we actually are supporting one another’s axis.

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Sacada con Syncopas

Rusty and Joanne dance tango doing sacadas

Rusty and Joanne dance tango doing sacadas

Using a quick synchopa as a starter step and then another synchopa to create the enroques this is a very series of steps and in learning it you will be learning to create a dynamic in your dance you may not have seen before because of the […]

Boleo to Freno and Beyond


Boleo comes from the verb bolear, to throw. The verb is also the root of bolo, the gaucho lariat made of three lengths of rope tied together and weighted at the free ends with a stone or other weight. Gauchos throw it and the three legs of leather spread out like a helicopter and wrap […]

02 Dynamic Embrace

Dynamic Embrace Rusty & Jo after performance glow

Rusty & Jo after performance glow

Many tango dancers sign their emails: “Abrazos” for the famous Argentine Tango Abrazo. Abrazos means arms or hugs or embrace!

Dynamic Embrace – Jo and Rusty


10 – The 8 Step Basic

8 step basic

The Argentine Tango 8 Step Basic

Why learn the 8 Step Basic There are many good reasons. It is the way to integrate the nature of stepping in tango when done with pure side, forward and back steps. By applying all of the tango foundation to the 8 step basic there is a lot […]

Ocho Cortado Milonguero and Salon

ocho cortado - cutting the eight

ocho cortado – cutting the eight

There is a major differences between salon and milonguero in many things and ocho cortado is just one. There are structural and juxtapositional differences. Salon has displaced and off set juxtapositions where milonguero has a circular positional juxtaposition and the two are not the same. We delve into […]