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Volcada from a stolen Cruzada

volcada in tango

Volcada is a shared axis move. You must trust your partner. The Volcada is to lean into one also called apile which means to pile onto! Volcada means to tip over or capsize. When we do a volcada we lean into one another enough that we actually are supporting one another’s axis.

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Milonguero Cross System

Tango Milonguero City Center Buenos Aires

Tango Milonguero City Center Buenos Aires

Milonguero chest to chest, heart to heart. Soft and cozy. Moving into cross system when dancing in the milonguero style is – once you are comfortable moving chest to chest – easier to feel, lead and follow than in a more open or vertical salon or nuevo embrace.

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Basic Tango Milonguero Steps


The tango milonguero as defined by Susana Miller is the dance of the city center Buenos Aires on crowded floors where milongas are crammed shoulder to shoulder. The moves are intended to be rhythmic yet small. In a very large crowd there is an almost shuffling feel to the movements. It is not always elegant […]

Basic Tango Milonguero Workshop Summary

Basic Tango Milonguero

Basic Tango Milonguero

Tango Milonguero is different that salon in a very basic sense that in milonguero the connection resides more in the chest to chest contact than in the touching of the arms. In Tango Salon the arms it the connection point and the chest is not where the information is conveyed. This […]

02 Dynamic Embrace

Dynamic Embrace Rusty & Jo after performance glow

Rusty & Jo after performance glow

Many tango dancers sign their emails: “Abrazos” for the famous Argentine Tango Abrazo. Abrazos means arms or hugs or embrace!

Dynamic Embrace – Jo and Rusty


Ocho Cortado Milonguero and Salon

ocho cortado - cutting the eight

ocho cortado – cutting the eight

There is a major differences between salon and milonguero in many things and ocho cortado is just one. There are structural and juxtapositional differences. Salon has displaced and off set juxtapositions where milonguero has a circular positional juxtaposition and the two are not the same. We delve into […]