music and cadencia

This is a magical lesson. You will be spontaneously transformed into a musical dancer beyond what ever you are before doing this lesson! Plain and simple this is the epitome of the all levels exercise. You continue to learn and grow with this exercise every time you come back to it. Save this page now!


Your Argentine Tango Dance Foundation

Funny tango writing

How do you know if your foundation is intact? How do you know if you are actually getting stronger? If you are lifting weights you know because you can lift heavier weights or your muscle mass gets more pronounced or you loose body fat. What is the litmus test for tango?

This is where […]

Lunge – Power-up Your Backstep

tango lunge

Exercises were one of the missing links when I started tango. I will save you the random training by taking you right to the source of your power!

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Lapiz or Rulo Exersices


Lapiz means pencil. It is the common name for swinging the leg in a circle.

Step Impulse Exercises

Impulses In Argentine Tango

Impulses In Argentine Tango

Impulses are hidden within the mechanism of the lead. It is as organic as walking, so you must train it to make it a conscious behavior.

Unconscious competence is not your goal. But rather reflective competence is your goal. To be able to move and know the end result for […]

Musicality and Phrasing – Flowing on 1 and 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Flow Through 1 & 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Learning the phrasing of tango is very important to becoming a proficient dancer. The beautiful tango music is flowing and ebbing all through the song. But why? When? Where does it change?

This lesson is designed to make you understand that the violins […]