Just Another Wednesday At Learn To Tango Studio

We did one song of drills and immediately settled into a nice soft dance. Do your exercises adn drills, this is how we got here!

Boleo to Freno and Beyond


Boleo comes from the verb bolear, to throw. The verb is also the root of bolo, the gaucho lariat made of three lengths of rope tied together and weighted at the free ends with a stone or other weight. Gauchos throw it and the three legs of leather spread out like a helicopter and wrap […]

08 The Tango Close


Learn the Tango Close

Here are your keys to musicality. Closing with the phrase always looks elegant! It is not a requirement, rather this is another of many skills in your tango repertoire.

Execute a tango close precisely with the music and you are musical Quick Quick Slow When and Where


6,7,8 of […]