06 Rock and Rebound Steps

rock steps

I am using a different format here… if you watched this… let me know if you like it!

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Left Rock Turn

left turn arrow

08 The Tango Close


Learn the Tango Close

Here are your keys to musicality. Closing with the phrase always looks elegant! It is not a requirement, rather this is another of many skills in your tango repertoire.

Execute a tango close precisely with the music and you are musical Quick Quick Slow When and Where


6,7,8 of […]

09 – The 6 Step Box – The Baldosa

Tohono Chul-100

Learn a 6 step box

Adding side steps to your walk timing – slows and quicks proximity of feet turning the box


Walk through the 6 step box Add in quick steps on the close turn it to move down the floor Try it in both open and close position


pointing, lunge […]

10 – The 8 Step Basic

8 step basic

The Argentine Tango 8 Step Basic

Why learn the 8 Step Basic There are many good reasons. It is the way to integrate the nature of stepping in tango when done with pure side, forward and back steps. By applying all of the tango foundation to the 8 step basic there is a lot […]

Ocho Cortado Milonguero and Salon

ocho cortado - cutting the eight

ocho cortado – cutting the eight

There is a major differences between salon and milonguero in many things and ocho cortado is just one. There are structural and juxtapositional differences. Salon has displaced and off set juxtapositions where milonguero has a circular positional juxtaposition and the two are not the same. We delve into […]

Musicality and Phrasing – Flowing on 1 and 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Flow Through 1 & 3

Musicality and Flow in Tango

Learning the phrasing of tango is very important to becoming a proficient dancer. The beautiful tango music is flowing and ebbing all through the song. But why? When? Where does it change?

This lesson is designed to make you understand that the violins […]