The Baldosa

The World Famous “Cruzada”

Parallel Landscape and Turns in Tango

April 16th Class Summary – 6 Week Series

Week 1 of The Parallel Landscape of Tango – Cruzadas and Turns

Thank you again for entrusting your learning experience to us as you continue your tango journey.

Last Tuesday we introduced you to exercises: forward and backward walking and zigzag walking […]

Freno -or- Parada

freno or parada in tango

Freno means to break or parada means to stop. They are basically inter changeable. Thought I tend to think of the pose I make a parada and I think of the slowing of energy that I offer my partner as the freno… but that may very well be a personal thing my mind does.

The […]

Cross System Basic

cross system basic in tango

The 8 Step Basic in cross system.

Man changes weight without the lady as the lady does the exact same part as the 8 step basic. [emember_protected for=2]


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Cross System 101

Cross System in tango

Cross System walking as lefts and rights swing together.

Cross System in Salon – Practice Frame and in Milonguero

Cross system is when we walk same footed – left swings with left and right with right – as opposed to common walking which is parallel and a right and left swing together. Cross system […]

Basic Tango Milonguero Workshop Summary

Basic Tango Milonguero

Basic Tango Milonguero

Tango Milonguero is different that salon in a very basic sense that in milonguero the connection resides more in the chest to chest contact than in the touching of the arms. In Tango Salon the arms it the connection point and the chest is not where the information is conveyed. This […]

03 The Tango Walk


Inside and Outside Partner Walking

In open and close position Forward and backward walking techniques Foot positions and techniques Proximity of partners feet Scissor structure

The Tango Walk – Inside and Outside Partner

Expand the presentation window clicking the “all arrows” button with your mouse. You can navigate frame to frame […]

04 Tac un Tac

Cadence of music

6 Simple Steps to Start Dancing Now

Benefits Careful Focus on Partner Fine Tuning Your “Radar” – everyone has it — hold a squirming baby or walk your grandma across the street Full and Complete Weight Changes Using the Feet to Create Musicality 3 Dimension of Tango

Bending Knees as You Step Note: If I […]

05 Cruzada – The Tango Cross


The Argentine Tango Cruzadas

The tango cruzada is a cultural icon in the tango family repertoire of steps. The cruzada can be: Linear or circular – Left over right – Right over left – Done in tandem – Done solo – Repeated consecutively. The cruzada is the hallmark of tango and as such it is […]