music and cadencia

This is a magical lesson. You will be spontaneously transformed into a musical dancer beyond what ever you are before doing this lesson! Plain and simple this is the epitome of the all levels exercise. You continue to learn and grow with this exercise every time you come back to it. Save this page now!


Your Argentine Tango Dance Foundation

Funny tango writing

How do you know if your foundation is intact? How do you know if you are actually getting stronger? If you are lifting weights you know because you can lift heavier weights or your muscle mass gets more pronounced or you loose body fat. What is the litmus test for tango?

This is where […]

Lunge – Power-up Your Backstep

tango lunge

Exercises were one of the missing links when I started tango. I will save you the random training by taking you right to the source of your power!

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Parallel Landscape and Turns in Tango

April 16th Class Summary – 6 Week Series

Week 1 of The Parallel Landscape of Tango – Cruzadas and Turns

Thank you again for entrusting your learning experience to us as you continue your tango journey.

Last Tuesday we introduced you to exercises: forward and backward walking and zigzag walking […]

04 Tac un Tac

Cadence of music

6 Simple Steps to Start Dancing Now

Benefits Careful Focus on Partner Fine Tuning Your “Radar” – everyone has it — hold a squirming baby or walk your grandma across the street Full and Complete Weight Changes Using the Feet to Create Musicality 3 Dimension of Tango

Bending Knees as You Step Note: If I […]

08 The Tango Close


Learn the Tango Close

Here are your keys to musicality. Closing with the phrase always looks elegant! It is not a requirement, rather this is another of many skills in your tango repertoire.

Execute a tango close precisely with the music and you are musical Quick Quick Slow When and Where


6,7,8 of […]