10 – The 8 Step Basic

The 8 Step Basic

The Argentine Tango 8 Step Basic

Why learn the 8 Step Basic
There are many good reasons. It is the way to integrate the nature of stepping in tango when done with pure side, forward and back steps. By applying all of the tango foundation to the 8 step basic there is a lot to be learned by any dancer by continually striving to be more and more elegant. Add to that the cross system basic and your leading and following of the famous cruzada will expand exponentially.

It is still taught at all of the respected schools in Buenos Aires. When conversing about the dance it is very efficient and quick to refer to the steps by number since each step has its own specific kinesthetic value and feel. You can give and receive advice by saying something like, “that should be executed like the #3 step of the basic”.

What it takes to put the 8-step basic together

  • Walking, side steps, outside and inside walking, cruzada and tango close
  • Timing – slows and quicks
  • Precision with the feet
  • Turning the 1 & 6


  • Walk through the 8 step basic
  • Turning it to move down the floor
  • Try it in open and close position


  • pointing, lunge, crossing

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8 Step Basic - Ideal BA

8 Step Basic – Ideal BA

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