Your Argentine Tango Dance Foundation

How do you know if your foundation is intact? How do you know if you are actually getting stronger? If you are lifting weights you know because you can lift heavier weights or your muscle mass gets more pronounced or you loose body fat. What is the litmus test for tango?

This is where The Tango Lesson Club exercises and drills come into play.

Just because you are learning new steps does not mean your foundation is actually getting cleaner and more precise. You can force your way through most any pattern. The . The tried and true interpretation of your lead or follow. To strengthen your fundamental tango core you need:

  • An intellectual understanding
  • A comprehensive usable vocabulary – verbal and mental
  • Ability to improvise
  • Precise footwork
  • Ease and grace in your movements
  • Ability to chose to perform rudimentary movements on demand without the interference of muscle memory

Basically you need to be able to ask something of your body and get the desired result. There is an array of choices in tango. It seems infinite and maybe it is, I am not that sort of mathematician. It seems akin to music to me, there are only 12 notes and as you change tempo, rhythms, melody, octave, cadence and delivery, you wind up with what seems infinite. There is an abundance of choices to be made in tango. We have relative juxtapositional relationships with our partner, we have timing from double or quadrupedal slow beats of 15 beats per minute to syncopated beats that move at maybe 240 beats per minute.

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