Volcada and Calesita

volcadaThe lean is call apilada. Apilada is from the word ‘apile’ which means to pile or lean. You can see that there is a triangle under us as I meet Joanne in the middle of the lean so as to support her as she leans back on me.

This is the epitome of the phrase “it takes two to tango” we can not do this without trusting one another and we cannot do this alone. We must support one another as we lean out suspended over the floor. It either of us stops the lean, it will come apart. I would say fall, but in truth you would just catch yourself with your foot and not fall at all, but it might feel that way. That feeling might prompt fear, if it does it can be detrimental to the movement. Practice leaning on each other like a teepee (not like a lean-to but like a tee pee).

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This video was filmed on our Australian Tango Teaching Tour in 2009

Australian Tango Tour

This is a dock in Denum Shark Bay, WA

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