How to use The Tango Lesson Club

How to use The Tango Lesson Club

Find a partner in local classes

Find a partner in local classes

You will learn tango here. This site will not replace the need for tango lessons.

  • Private lessons and coaching are where you will actually become a dancer.
  • The perfect place for you to meet tango dancers of your level is a local group class.
  • You will need coaching and you will need to dance with several partners in order to grow and become a dancer.
  • Using my advice you can learn to dance tango twice as fast as the conventional methods. It will take some discipline. You can learn faster if you diligently apply yourself and practice exactly as advised. My drills and exercises are not random, they work. They worked for my partner Joanne and I and it works for our students.

    I slowed my own process at first with some mistakes in my learning and training. My goal is to help you avoid those same mistakes, and save yourself valuable time and loads of money. The videos here will save you thousands of dollars by helping you understand what is going on before it happens.

    Minimum Effective Dose
    The MED for tango lies in the secret of repetition. The trick is to move with precision. If you did the 8 step basic with precision only 10 times a day, 5 days a week, with your partner. In a couple of weeks you would have a different relationship

    With some early intense one on one study, classes and using the narrations, videos, pictures and animations here you can go from absolute beginner to advanced tango dancer a very short time. We have dancers that became quite proficient in 6-8 months. When I had been dancing that long using conventional methods I was still lost.

    Kinesthetic Recording System
    Several things are happening while you are learning even when you are not aware of it you are learning things as you move with your partners. Our system of learning integrates the subconscious learning as well as the conscious learning. Then later we help you bring it all to the foreground of your intellect and help you realize the systems of learning that you body has been going through so you can access these skill on demand. This is what I call the kinesthetic tape recorder. I will set you in certain environments with your bodies in specific states so that your subconscious mind will be recording things we will access later. For the sake of better learning try hard to utilize the states and environments we prescribe.

    Find a Partner
    Finding someone to practice and dance you is easy if you attend all of our local tango classes and workshops and milongas. The obvious part is it takes two to tango… so begin asking around. You will not be able to study the videos alone and go straight to a milonga and expect to actually dance! You will need a partner and practice before you can dance in public.

    Use Workshops and Festivals Too!

    Tango Festivals Are Fun

    The more you practice the faster you will grow – and I must add the more fun you will have. We line out prescriptions for your practice in each learning phase of your tango. Over all there are many learning environments you will encounter.

    1. Group Class – in public, at first surrounded by strangers, learning with members of the opposite sex.
    2. Workshops and Festivals – Community camaraderie intensive learning and an over all public immersion of tango usually comes with more milongas as well
    3. Learning from Videos – usually in a private location like a home or empty studio, not in a crowd or in public.
    4. Private Lessons – one on one with an instructor usually in a private setting where you can be a little more vulnerable – or practicing in private with your partner
    5. Practicas – practicing in public with other members of the tango community
    6. Milonga Dancing – Dancing in public in your finer clothes for all to see and share, but dancing mostly for the partner in your arms… still you are in public!
    7. Demonstration – Maybe just demonstrating what you have learned in class – or on a professional level demonstrating a step, concept or technique
    8. Improvised Performance – Non choreographed performance of tango to inspire a group or croud
    9. Stage Performance – Usually choreographed for a professional show on stage with movements big enough to be seen by the back row
    Bandoneon Player Buenos Aires

    Bandoneon Player Buenos Aires

    Each of these different arenas bring a different psychological attitude, character and approach to your dance/practice experience, each are important and offer a lot to learn. Use them all if you can.

    By creating a regimen of practice and dancing and coaching you can learn to dance a good social tango in a less than 2 years; with supreme diligence and discipline you can learn to dance acceptably in a year.

    The truth about tango is you can learn for the rest of your life. It actually seems the more you know the more you want to know. 10 years into the journey you will still be perfecting and polishing your tango. However like so many things you are laying a foundation in the opening moments of tango that will affect your learning process through out. Once laid a foundation is hard to rebuild.

    Watch the dance closely of those you study with.

    • Are they elegant?
    • Is their posture good?
    • Are they dancing on their heels or on their toes?
    • Do their moves look improvised or choreographed?
    • Over all is there a quality of effortlessness in their dance?

    Make sure you are learning the tango you and your partner want to live with :)