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Tucson Tango Festival Organizer

Rusty has been offering tango lessons, events and classes in Tucson since 2005.  Frequently asked why he doesn’t teach other forms of partner dancing he answers: “In tango there is tango, vals and milonga dance forms, multiply by the three popular styles of each in tango: tango nuevo, tango salon and tango milonguero… simply put there is not enough time to master anything else!”

With help from the community and his partner Rusty founded and organizes the annual Tucson Tango Festival an event recognized world wide as having top notch dancing and the friendliest community and the warmest atmosphere. He produced and danced in the acclaimed Tango Allure tango show in 2011.

His style of teaching is ever evolving as is his dancing. His mastery of all three styles of tango: Tango Salon, Tango Nuevo and Tango Milonguero give him an exceptional edge when teaching since he can let the student see how the three styles differ and how they are similar.

Rusty has been an athlete all of his life. He studied and received a certificate through Pima College in exercise design, weight training and aerobics in 1986, studied massage at the Desert Institute in 1993. Having had to study anatomy and memorize the muscles and bones in the body Rusty’s approach is pure, organic and ergonomically sound.  All of this leads his student to a better understanding of what and how we move in tango with an ability to do so while nurturing the tango body. Rusty’s energy efficient method of dancing allows one to dance all night without getting as tired since every calorie of energy used in the tango is sustainable for hours and hours.

Tango Allure Show 2011

Tango Allure Show 2011

Rusty has developed scores of exercises for training your tango body – and uses dozens of tools and devices to help the student learn and grow. The exercises are a proven method of enhancing balance and ability to balance yourself with another. Rusty has the skill set needed to teach anyone. He works the physically and emotionally disabled challenged, and injured with amazing success. His motto: “If I can do this so can you!” is proven time and again regardless of talent. “If you will work and practice you will grow!” he says regularly.

Rusty has studied under scores of tango masters, “I have literally invited dozens of tango masters to teach tango in Tucson. They stayed in my home where I had the privilege of diving deeply into tango on very personal and intimate levels with world class tango masters from all over the planet including Argentina.” So on many levels all of my teaching has been affected by each and every person I have studied with. But, The Tango Matrix is something that came from my own personal experiences and teaching since 2004.

Rusty has trained, studied and danced in Buenos Aires off and on since 2005.  He now spends over 25-30 hours a week teaching tango and another 10 to 15 hours on personal training, practice and growth. He is a master level dancer and instructor. “I have put in the hours of practice, study and discipline required to thoroughly understand the movements and techniques required to move in this beautiful art form. My dancing, leading and instruction speak for themselves.” and they do!!

Love & Light,

Rusty Cline

P.S. I am an artist that is very busy with tango in Tucson.
Each spring in March Annual Tucson Tango Festival a gathering of 500 or more tango dancers celebrating the art of tango by dancing 5 days straight!  Again in September Tucson Tango Fall Fest.

My partner and I send out weekly newsletters with tango activities in Tucson you may sign up at: Tango News Letters or read them at: TangoTucson.com.