The Tango Lesson Club is the development of a dream into reality. It has been a long time dream of the founder of the Club, Rusty Cline, to build an online tango learning site available to all aspiring tango dancers around the world. This site is a learning tool in your study of tango and can, if used diligently, can increase your learning curve faster then conventional means alone, even faster if you diligently apply yourself and practice as advised. The advise offered here is not random, it works, it has worked for Rusty and his partner Joanne and many of their students.

Try it out, your first 5 lessons are free. Then sign-up for a membership to gain access to more increasingly advanced material. Rusty and Joanne are here to help you with questions and problems you might have. Please contact us and give feedback as you use this site. We are also open to requests for specific areas for developing future lessons.

We hope your Tango journey is as joyful as ours has been!

The Tango Lesson Club