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Visualize Connected Success

01) Start Here – Connected Walking Visualization

There are some commonly know tests on visualizations that go like this: A group of basketball players scored their free throw scores by averaging a 100 throws. Then they broke into smaller groups. Group…

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Dynamic Embrace Rusty & Jo after performance glow

02) Dynamic Embrace

The Dynamic Embrace – the embrace is not static! Also called the abrazo the embrace is not in a state of frozen or rigid musclar contraction, it is rather, in a state of malleable mobility. If…

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03) The Basic Walk

Inside and Outside Partner Walking In open and close position Forward and backward walking techniques Foot positions and techniques Proximity of partners feet Scissor structure To see the full…

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Cadence of music

04) Tac un Tac

6 Steps to Paradise Careful Focus on Partner Fine Tuning Radar – everyone has it — hold a squirming baby or walk your grandma across the street Full and Complete Weight Changes Using the Feet…

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05) Cruzada – The Tango Cross

The Argentine Tango Cruzadas The tango cruzada is a cultural icon in the tango family repertoire of steps. The cruzada can be: Linear or circular – Left over right – Right over left –…

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rock steps

06) Rock Steps

Rock steps forward rock steps from either foot – side rocks timing – quicks body position proximity of feet Choreography Walking into rock step and exit rocking using left foot and rocking…

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left turn arrow

07) Left Rock Turn

Using a Rock Step to turn to the Left Leaders left forward rock to turn left timing – quicks body position – different size steps on the side proximity of feet Choreography Walking into…

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08) The Tango Close

Learn the Tango Close Adding a side step to your walking system to execute a tango close timing – slows and quicks proximity of feet Choreography 6,7,8 of basic: Walk forward and add a tango close Add…

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Tohono Chul-100

09) – The 6 Step Box

Learn a 6 step box Adding side steps to your walk timing – slows and quicks proximity of feet turning the box Choreography Walk through the 6 step box Add in quick steps on the close turn it…

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8 step basic

10) The 8 Step Basic

What it takes to put the 8-step basic together Walking, side steps, outside and inside walking, cruzada and tango close Timing – slows and quicks Proximity of feet Turning the 1 & 6 Choreography Walk…

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